Japanese kimono girl seduces her stepbrother

Japanese kimono girl seduces her stepbrother

She knew very well that my stepbrother was hot for me.
One day the opportunity came and I seduced him.

I am a Japanese Kimono Girl, I showed my stephbrother my wet pussy and my tits.
It didn’t take long before I saw his bulge in his pants and front him to get his hard cock out.

I didn’t have to say that twice, the tail was out quickly and it was hard as steel.
What came after that was really cool, I gave his tough friend a blow job and then we fucked until we couldn’t anymore.
He injected his cream into my pussy and I sucked his cock empty down to the last drop.

Since then he has always called me his nippon girl with the big tits.

He’s always been keen on his stepsister, the little Japanese Kimono Girl.